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The Home Loan Experience™
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 Delivering the Home Loan Experience


The Clarity Builder™

Clarify your wants and needs.

You are unique. We want to understand your wants and needs and help you understand your best options. The Clarity Builder™ stage is a discovery process between you and your personal Mortgage Consultant. This stage is complete when you have a clear understanding of your mortgage choices. It is during this stage that you will obtain your Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval certificate, ing you to complete your house-hunting/shopping with confidence.


The Tailored Solution™

Finding the right fit.

You have found the home of your dreams and have a clear understanding of your mortgage options. We are ready to tailor the mortgage that makes sense for you based on the specific home you chose. We consider the complete picture in order to personalize a mortgage that is in line with your needs. This stage includes meeting with your personal Mortgage Consultant and applying for your mortgage. Then, you will be ready to begin work with your Loan Coordinator who will guide you through the paperwork, helping you through the gate to the next stage. 


The Green Light Gameplan™

You’re approved – Go!

Your mortgage has been approved! Your Loan Coordinator will continue to work with you in order to confirm the details and gather any final information or documents needed. Once everything is in place, your Loan Coordinator will let you know that you have been cleared to move on the next stage – Welcome Home™.


The Welcome Home Experience™

Closing Process.

This is it, almost home! Each of the requirements has been satisfied and you are ready to close on your home. Now the legal documents come into play. Once the attorneys have coordinated their efforts, they will schedule your closing with 1st Priority Mortgage, Inc. Welcome Home!


The Raving Fans Report™

Your opinion matters.

Our goal is to Deliver the Home Loan Experience™, creating Raving Fans by exceeding your expectations. We count on you to complete our survey, taking your opportunity to tell us how we did. All feedback is good -- please share yours with us.